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Grant Phabao Playlisted! by Dj Raswalter

DJ: RasWalter vibes from all around the world!
station: RADIOSTUDIOWEB Potenza, Italy
Link: www.radiostudioweb.it


SEEED 'Aufstehn!' from 'Next!' Warner
SEAN PAUL & STACIOUS 'Dream' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
JAH CURE 'Love is' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
GYPTIAN 'Serious Time' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
NANKO 'Lucky You' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
HERO 'No More War' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
NORRIS MAN 'Home and Away' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
LADY G & MACKA DIAMOND 'I want a Man' from 'Reggae Hits 35' Jet-Star
I WAYNE 'Lava Ground' from 'Lava Ground' VP
I WAYNE 'Don't Worry' from 'Lava Ground' VP
I WAYNE 'Nah Draw Nil' from 'Lava Ground' VP
CEDRIC CONGO MYTON 'Romeo and Juliet' from 'Inna de Yard: Cedric Congo Myton' Makasound
CEDRIC CONGO MYTON 'Children Crying' from 'Inna de Yard: Cedric Congo Myton' Makasound
LINVAL THOMPSON 'Jah Jah Dreader than Dread' from 'Inna de Yard: Linval Thompson' Makasound
LEROY BROWN 'Metro Pigs' from 'Color Barrier' Makasound
KEVIN BATCHELOR & MIKEY JARRETT 'Barbary Coast-Engine 54' from 'Batchelor Party' Living Room
GRANT PHABAO FEAT LONE RANGER 'Aya So We Deh' from 'Kulchaklash' Timec
GRANT PHABAO FEAT SIMON DIAMOND 'Rasta Roll Call' from 'Kulchaklash' Timec

NICO ROYALE 'Camminando' from 'Nico Royale' Autoprod.
NICO ROYALE & LIGHT SOLDIER 'America' from 'Nico Royale' Autoprod.
PAPA GIANNI 'Amami Ancora' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
CICCIOMAN & DATI 'Quei Dub d'Amore' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
ANTONIO GALASSO 'Love University' from 'Love University' Ciccioman
ROB THE SHINYMAN 'Quei Silenzi' from 'Love University' Ciccioman

Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Roots

grant phabao and djouls 21st century roots
Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Roots
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC087, 2005-10-31

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Que se passe-t-il donc de bien roots en début de millénaire pourri par le retour des sons années 80? À Paris, l'été indien n'en finit plus. Alors, pour finir en beauté ce joli mois d'octobre 2005, voici un spécial "reggae, hip hop & dub", en forme de palais de la découverte et du remix. Avec quelques productions parisiennes toutes chaudes et pas encore entendues à la radio, signées de Grant Phabao, Seven Dub, les Mighty Blunts ou Professor Oz. Elles sont accompagnées de quelques récents "classiques instantanés", pour un tour du monde de la vibration roots, avec le rappeur Afro-américain albinos Brother Ali, les reggae masters de San Francisco Groundation, le russe Dj Vadim et son nouveau projet hip hop One Self (avec Blu Rum 13 et Yarah Bravo), le californien Matt Haines (alias The Rip Off Artist), les allemands de Boozoo Bajou ou Burnt Friedman avec ses Nu-Dub Players, l'anglais Biggabush (alias Lightning Head, moitié du duo Rockers Hi-Fi) ou bien les new-yorkais Chronic Sonata, remixés par Grant Phabao suite à une connection sur le web entre les labels TIMEC à Paris et Bastard Jazz à Brooklyn...

What good roots music is happening in this new millenium, rotted by the return to the 80s sounds? In Paris, the Indian summer isn't ending and we don't complain. That's why, to conclude in style this lovely month of October, we decided to offer here a special "reggae, hip hop & dub", in the form of a palace of discoveries and remixes. Including some burning Parisian productions, unheard yet on the radio, signed by Grant Phabao, Seven Dub, the Mighty Blunts or Professor Oz. They are accompanied by some recent "instant classics", for a world tour of the roots vibration, with albino Afro-American rapper Brother Ali, San Francisco reggae masters Groundation, Russian Dj Vadim and his new hip hop project One Self (with Blu Rum 13 and Yarah Bravo), Californian Matt Haines (alias The Rip Off Artist), Germaneers Boozoo Bajou or Burnt Friedman with the Nu-Dub Players, Englishman Biggabush (alias Lightning Head, half of Rockers Hi-Fi), or New-Yorkers Chronic Sonata, remixed by Grant Phabao following a connection on the Web between the TIMEC label in Paris and Bastard Jazz in Brooklyn...

Tracklisting :
01. Groundation - Music Is The Most High
(from 'We Free Again' CD on Young Tree, 2004)
02. Brother Ali - Champion (Remix)
(from 'Champion EP' CD on Rhymesayers, 2004)
03. Grant Phabao feat. Lone Ranger - Ethiopia
(from 'Kulchaklash' CD on TIMEC, 2005)
04. Seven Dub - Rock With Me (Rocker's Delight Mix)
(from 'Rock With Me' CD on Play Label, 2005)
05. One Self - Be Your Own (Vadim's Dub mix)
(from 'Be Your Own' CDS on Ninja Tune, 2005)
06. The Rip Off Artist - Hippopocracy
(from 'Dub Tribunl' CD on Inflatabl, 2002)
07. Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow feat. Joe Dukie & U-Brown
(from 'Dust My Broom' CD on !K7, 2005)
08. Professor Oz - Whatever The Sun (feat. Sugar B.)
(from 'Professor Oz & Microlive' CD on TIMEC, 2005)
09. Burnt Friedman - Hard Drive Dub
(from 'Do Not Legalize It' 12inch on Scape, 2000)
10. Chronic Sonata - Everyday (Grant Phabao Remix)
(from 'Everyday' 7inch on Bastard Jazz, 2005)
11. Popsanova - Nao Vem Que Nao Tem (Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?) (The Mighty Blunts Lyin' On The Beach Mix)
(from 'Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba' CD on TIMEC, 2005)
12. Lightning Head - E.V.A.
(from 'Studio Don' CD on Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv, 2002)

Info :
Selected by Djouls, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Photo from Jamaica by Grant Phabao, Layout by Djouls

Aja West - The Olympian


The Olympian
(CD) tba

Tracklisting :
1. Goonie Birds
2. The Olympian
3. In Preparation
4. Soccer!
5. Whippin hustler
6. Psychoactive Suicide Hish
7. Snakes And Harpies
8. Manhood Tookin
9. God Made Me Funky
10. Animals

Musicians :
Produced by The Mackrosoft
Featuring Money Mark (Beastie Boys)

Press :
"Du funk hybride avec une bonne grosse dose d'auto-tune dedans? Hum... L'album, en preparation lui aussi, accueillera Money Mark, ex-clavier des Beastie Boys, parmi ses invités." - Saounds.com

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TIMEC feat. Steve & Larry Johnson sur Nanny Tango Radio

nanny tango
Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba sur Nanny Tango Radio

Nanny Tango Radio - Sat, 22 Oct 2005
8 Til 9PM - Blast 1386 (Reading area)
Global via www.blast1386.com
Info on Nanny Tango Records on www.nannytango.com

This week: electro anthems, Italian soundtracks, old school rhyming, cosmic jazz & enough in between

Tracklisting :
Suicide Sports Club - Looks Like A Star [B_Rock]
Edda Dellorso - Dream Within A Dream (La Donna Invisible OST) [El/Cherry Red]
Sofa Surfers - One Direction [Klein]
Sun Ra - China Gates [Savoy Jazz/Denon]
Soothsayers - Do You Want To Know (Jung Collective Rehash) [Red Earth]
Gray Matter - Let Go, Let Flow [New Media Institue/Kwerk]
El Da Sensei - Course Of My Life [Skoolastic/Kwerk]
Jack Arel & Jean Claude Petit - Ahmedabab Theme [Chappell]
TIMEC feat. Steve & Larry Johnson - Incalculabl [T.I.M.E.C.] From the TIMEC - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba album
Loratta Heywood - Little Angel [TBTG]
Broken - Automatic [Mind]
Jack Arel & Jean Claude Petit - Pictures Of Oceania [Chappell]
La Beto Villares - Africa [Rambling]
Nino Rapicavoli - Modelli [Rambling]
? - She Is Awesome, She Is Great! [Rambling]
Suicide Sports Club - The Last Ghost In Town [B_Rock]
Put It On - The Hidden Track [True To Form]

TIMEC feat. Noisebuilder sur Nanny Tango Radio

nanny tango
Time(c) To Relax sur Nanny Tango Radio

Nanny Tango Radio - Sat, 15 Oct 2005
8 Til 9PM - Blast 1386 (Reading area)
Global via www.blast1386.com
Info on Nanny Tango Records on www.nannytango.com

This week, a special guests CH3VY from Catskills Records with a fab 30 minute mix of 70s funk, groovy soundtracks & exclusive new material. Plus our usual blend of spine tingling, eclectic vibes, past, present & future?

Tracklisting :
Edda Dellorso - Seli (4321 Morte! OST) [El/Cherry Red]
One Self - Paranoid (J-Styles Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Jon Kennedy - Something [Grand Central]
Benny Sings - Make A Rainbow [Dox]
Broken - Automatic [Mind]
--- guest mix ---
CH3VY's Satck Of Wax Vol.2 [Catskills Records]
--- full playlist available at www.ch3vy.com - damn, it's funky! ---
Bidgie Reef & The Gas - Cockney Alchemy (Trouble & Strife Remix) [CDR]
T.I.M.E.C. feat. Noisebuilder - Cha Cha Cha Microglub (Steve & Larry Johnson Remix) From the TIMEC - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba album
Loretta Heywood - Bhavanyastakam [TBTG]

Captain Détendu et George M. sur Nanny Tango Radio

nanny tango
Time(c) To Relax sur Nanny Tango Radio

Nanny Tango Radio - Sat, 8 Oct 2005
8 Til 9PM - Blast 1386 (Reading area)
Global via www.blast1386.com
Info on Nanny Tango Records on www.nannytango.com

This week, a cracking souljazzfunk mix from Diesler (Tru Thoughts Recordings) plus our usual, eclectic mix of sounds past, present & future. Soak it up.

Tracklisting :
Peak - Get Carter (Paul Murphy Remix) (Afro Art)
Anandar Shankar - Dancing Drums (Blue Note/EMI)
Freddie Hubbard - Latina (Atlantic)
Povo - Uam Uam (Moonstar Remix) (Compost)
George Duke - Feel (Mps)
Broken - Hard Step (Mind)
T.I.M.E.C. feat. Captain Detendu - Detendu (T.I.M.E.C.) From the TIMEC - Time(c) To Relax album
T.I.M.E.C. feat. George M. - Moondaglob (T.I.M.E.C.) From the TIMEC - Time(c) To Relax album

---Diesler - Guest Mix (Tru Thoughts)---
George Mcrae - I Get Lifted (Hip-O Records)
Nefertiti - Wisdom (Harmless)
Pazant Brothers - Chic-A-Boom (BGP)
Julian Bahula - Woza Cindi (Counterpoint)
Little Royal - Razor Blade (Strut)
The Soulful Strings - Burning Spear (Cadet)
Loretta Heywood - Give You The Rain (This Boy That Girl)

Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.3

grant phabao and djouls are molesting laura vol 3
Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.3
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC085, 2005-10-07

Info :
Selected by Djouls, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Photo by Laurent Askienazy, Artwork by Djouls

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Un spécial "covers & bootlegs" concocté par les célèbres paresseux fous de Télégraphe (Paris XXème), en forme de confiture de raretés et de reprises improbables. Inclus un bootleg réalisé spécialement pour l'occasion par le duo de doux dingues, avec une pâte à tarte de Mel Brooks ("It's Good To Be The King"), des pommes importées de chez Grandmaster Flash ("The Message"), et du caramel des Beastie Boys ("Check It out"). Le Quantic Soul Orchestra se distingue aussi par ses covers surréalistes: une reprise du bootleg de Red Astaire qui avait mélangé un acapella de D'Angelo avec un instrumental de Cal Tjader ("Follow Me"), et une reprise de Mr Scruff qui avait intégralement pompé Moondog sans le créditer ("Get a Move On", en réalité "Bird's Lament").

A "covers & bootlegs" special, mashed-up by the famous insane lazy ones of the Telegraphe station (Paris 20th), in the shape of a rarities and improbable covers jam. Includes a bootie made especially for the occasion by the mild lunatics duet, with a Mel Brooks pie dough (“It' S Good To Be The King”), apples slices imported from Grandmaster Flash's ("The Message"), and some Beastie Boys caramel wrappings. The Quantic Soul Orchestra is also characterized by its surrealist covers: a take on the Red Astaire bootleg which had mixed an acapella of D'Angelo with an instrumental from Cal Tjader ("Follow Me"), and a raw replay of Mr Scruff who had completely pumped Moondog without crediting him ("Get A Move On", actually "Bird's Lament").

Tracklisting :
01. Derrick Laro and Trinity - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
02. Vinyl - Summertime
03. Espen Horne - Ain't No Sunshine
04. Ictus - Stand By Me
05. The Free Association - Sugarman
06. Earl zinger - Can't Get Her Out Of My Bed
07. Grandmaster Mel Brooks & The Boys - It's Good To Be The Message
09. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Follow Me
08. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Get A Move On
10. The Clinton Administration - Stand

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Gregsky - Villa Mystique

gregsky villa mystique
"Villa Mystique"
(Cristal Records/Abeille Musique, 2005-09-30)

Tracklisting :
01. Jump Up 4:34
02. Sous Les Étoiles (feat. M. Betty) 4:27
03. Villa Mystique 5:54
04. Mister Magic (feat F. Savigny) 5:43
05. Lili BLue 1:32
06. Soleil 5:34
07. PanaManhattan En CheliE's 4:44
08. Souffle Lunaire 4:01
09. Dekho Bagan 7:57
10. Ailleurs 2:35
11. Sat A Lite Skye (feat. B. Sifichi/F.Savigny)

Citation :
La règle qui veut que l'instrumental improvisé n'est pas une musique populaire est une pure aberration que nous considérons comme nulle et non avenue. Nous définissons notre musique par le mot: "pulse", sa singularité provient directement du mélange de nos instruments que nous samplons à loisir et toujours en direct sur scène (aucun élément préenregistré). C'est pourquoi nous jouons notre pulse music sans nous soucier du formatage qu'il soit stylistique ou temporel.
The rule which wants that improvised instrumental is not a popular music is a pure nonsense which we consider as invalid. We define our music by the word: "pulse", its singularity results directly from some mixture of our instruments that we free sample at leisure and always live on stage (no prerecorded element). That is why we play our "pulse music" without taking care of the stylistic or timing standards.

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Playtime Reggae 2 - Rocksteady, skinhead, early reggae, soul & funk from Jamaica 1967-1977

playtime reggae 2
Playtime Reggae 2
(CD) Hi & Fly HF00011, 2005-10-17
[Notes de pochettes par Djouls (label T.I.M.E.C.) et Fatta (Soul Stereo Soundsystem)]

Rocksteady, skinhead, early reggae, soul & funk from Jamaica 1967-1977

La cuvée jamaïquaine 2005 de chez Hi&Fly s'adresse aux amateurs de grooves choyeusement compilés. Comme lors de l'exercice précédent, "Playtime Reggae", "Playtime Reggae 2" (4 heures de réunion au moins pour arriver à ce titre) oscille entre raretés et tracks imparables, avec toujours des sélections de rocksteady, de skinhead reggae, de early reggae, de soul et de funk de Jamaïque, délicieusement et exclusivement 60's et 70's (et inversement), toutes approuvées par le S.O.M.M.I.E.R., le Syndicat des Observateurs Méthodiques des Musiques Indépendantes Essentiellement Roots.

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Professor Oz - Professor Oz & Microlive

PROFESSOR OZ Professor Oz and Microlive
Professor Oz - Professor Oz & Microlive
(Limited Edition CD, 500 ex.) TIMEC084, 2005-09

01. Still Alive (5:31) | Go Download MP3
02. No I (5:47) | Extr. MP3
03. Take Me (6:11) | Extr. MP3
04. Whatever The Sun (6:38) | Go Download MP3
05. Jellyfish Dance (6:56) | Extr. MP3
06. Alone (7:12) | Extr. MP3
07. Deep Christmas (7:08) | Extr. MP3

Info :
Le deuxième album du Professor Oz après le "One" acclamé par la critique, disponible très prochainement dans le TIMEC Shop.

Official site : www.professoroz.com

Compo : Frossard Olivier
Chant : Neslot Magali
Guitare : Bruno Casties
Sax et flute : Fetis Sylvain
Percussions : Jacquot Meiveylian

The Best Of 2005 - part.1

best of 2005

Drums & Tuba
The Five Corners Quintet
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Jon Kennedy
The Mackrosoft
Nostalgia 77
Connie Price & The Keystones
The Quantic Soul Orchestra
Ray's Music Exchange

Fort Knox Five
David Last
Jamie Lidell
Amon Tobin
Treva Whateva
Luke Vibert

Boca 45
C-Mon & Kypski
Giant Panda
The Herbaliser
One Be Lo
Roots Manuva

Jerry Garcia
Kyle Hollingsworth
Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band
North Mississippi All Stars
Perpetual Groove
The Real Tuesday Weld
Sound Tribe Sector Nine
Teenage Fanclub
Umphrey's McGee

Afro Baby
Ghana Soundz 2
Carl Harvey
Ocote Soul Sounds
Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston
World Psychedelic Classics 3

Cold Heat - Heavy funk Rarities 1968-1974 Vol.1
Dj Food - Raiding The 20th Century
Dj Kentaro- On The Wheels Of Steel
Future Sounds of Jazz 10
Impeach The Precedent
Keep In Time - A Live Recording
The Real Thing - Selected by Rare Moods
Shapes Yellow/Shapes Red
Soul Fire - The Majestic Collection
Z-Trip - Live In Los Angeles

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Burgalat, Houellebecq et Stupeflip fans de Captain Détendu!

technikart 93
Technikart n°93 - Juin 2005
Bertrand Burgalat vs Stupeflip - La musique peut-elle survivre au business?
... Au Secours Les Inconnus!
Stupeflip - J'adore Etienne Charry, son groupe Oui Oui... On dirait des comptines pour enfants.
B. Burgalat - Vous avez tous les deux l'influence Gotainer! Est-ce que le rap des Inconnus a été une influence?
Stupeflip - Je vais te dire un truc horrible, mais leur morceau Rappent Tout, je trouve que c'est une tuerie.
B. Burgalat - Quand on bossait avec Michel Houellebecq sur son album et qu'on lui parlait de musique, il te disait qu'il y avait eu Neil Young et le rap des Inconnus, ah ah ah! Attends, ces mecs-là, ils nous ont qunad même débarrassé d'Indochine pendant dix ans, ce n'est pas rien, et aussi de tous les alternos. Putain, s'ils étaient encore là aujourd'hui, ils nous lamineraient toute la nouvelle scène française!

Que messieurs Burgalat & Stupeflip se rassurent, Captain Détendu, qui avait arrangé toutes ces perles de parodies pour Les Inconnus, oeuvre encore et toujours sur le créneau, et tourne en ridicule depuis 1999 (au sein de TIMEC, avec Popsanova, Los Lobes, Dj Guarana, etc.) l'essentiel de la pop avariée, de Dallas jusqu'à Popstars, en passant par la french touch , le trip hop et une bonne partie des musiques dites électroniques... On attend désormais son album "L'île de la détentation"!!

TIMEC sur ProperlyChilled.com

Properly Chilled Downtempo Music & Culture
TIMEC sur Properlychilled.com

French downtempo grooves and reggae stylings with a mad case of satyrical humor...
"What is true and not true (as in the names of the artists involved) can be hard to determine with this label, just as humor and seriousness are nearly indistinguishable. Everything T.I.M.E.C. do is presented with its own unique penchant for satire through tongue-in-cheek humor. Through all of it though, they've released some nice downtempo grooves and reggae stylings."

Voir l'article sur Properlychilled.com
Chronique de GRANT PHABAO - Kulchaklash
Chronique de TIMEC - Time(c) To Relax
Chronique de TIMEC - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba
Chronique de TIMEC - Noëlectro

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Aja West & Friends - Total Recall 2012


Total Recall 2012
(CD) tba

Tracklisting :
1. Penny in A Fountain
2. The Getaway | Download 160k MP3
3. Wanna Get Up
4. Out Of Control
5. My Modo
6. Point. Click. Drag. Drop.
7. I Don't Need Love
8. Clouds Imitate Life
9. How Many lumps?
10. Suite For 2012 - Part 1
11. What's Really Going On? - Part I
12. What's Really Going On? - Part II
13. Wattstax

File under :

Musicians :
Reggie Watts,
Money Mark (Beastie Boys),
Mike Clark (The Headhunters/Herbie Hancock),
Fred Wesley (The JB's/Funkadelic),

Press :
"Celui-là sur le papier promet. Reggie Watts (de Maktub) revient au chant, et Mike Clark, Money Mark, Skerik et The Cheebacabra complètent l'affiche, afin de conclure cette "discographie" sur une note plus soul, plus rhythm'n'blues mais si toujours hip hop à la base." - Saounds.com

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Discographie T.I.M.E.C. - New Remixes In Preparation

Discographie T.I.M.E.C. - New remixes in preparation

grand central
2005 - Grant Phabao feat. Lone Ranger & Gregsky - "Ethiopia" (Jon Kennedy Dub)
2005 - Jon Kennedy - "We Milk Life But Skank Smooth" (Grant Phabao Remix)

tru thoughts
2005 - TIMEC feat. the JeSaisPas Orchestra - "Electronicosexual" (Flevans Remix)
2006 - Flevans - "Untitled" (Grant Phabao Remix)

2005 - Chronic Sonata (Bastard Jazz) - "Everyday" (Grant Phabao Dub)
Listen to the original version of "Everyday" here
2005 - Grant Phabao feat. Lone Ranger - "Fever" (Mawglee Remix)

2005 - TIMEC feat. Steve & Larry Johnson - "Incalculabl" (Lawkyz Remix)

2005 - Grant Phabao - "Braeton Killings" (Ark Remix)

the mackrosoft
2005 - The Mackrosoft - "The Immortality Project" (Grant Phabao Remix)
2005 - TIMEC feat. Captain Détendu & Los Lobes - "Sensual" (The Mackrosoft Remix)

Maine Recordings
2005 - Grant Phabao - "Untitled" (Erik Rug Remix)

2005 - Drugs - "the Man" (The Mighty Blunts Remix)
2006 - Grant Phabao - "Untitled" (Kraked Unit Remix)

2006 - Deodato - "Whistle Bump" (Dj Guarana Remix) (tbc)

-- Remixes coming next --
2006 - Dj Ender (Nuspirit Helsinki) vs Grant Phabao (tbc)
2006 - Doctor L vs Grant Phabao (tbc)
2006 - Jung Collective vs TIMEC (tbc)
2006 - Ralph Myerz vs TIMEC (tbc)
2006 - TM Juke vs Grant Phabao (tbc)
2006 - Treva Whateva vs Grant Phabao (tbc)
2006 - Luke Vibert vs Grant Phabao (tbc)