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Chronic Sonata - Everyday (Grant Phabao Remix)

Chronic Sonata EverydayChronic Sonata Everyday Grant Phabao Remix
Chronic Sonata - Everyday
(7") Bastard Jazz BJ7003, 2006-03-13

Tracklisting :
A. Chronic Sonata - Everyday | Go download MP3
B. Chronic Sonata - Everyday (Grant Phabao Remix) | Sign up to Chronic Sonata's mailing list to get the MP3

Telekinetic Kat/review
"Oh Shit! Bastard Jazz keeps filling the void with this mind melting seven inch from Canadians Chronic Sonata. Everyday is everything I wanted it to be and more. If you love dub, buy this record. If you love downtempo, buy this record. If you love Brooklyn, buy this record! This track is bass heavy and sparse in all the right places, with the most tasteful placement of vocal snippets since Osbourne Ruddock was runnin tings. The haters will hate me for saying that, but how can I not be enthusiastic when Bastard Jazz keeps raising their own bar and pushing the surrounding music scene to bring something better for the open-minded dancefloors/living rooms. Never content to rest on the laurels of one solid side, they enlist Frenchman Grant Phabao for the always on point Bastard Jazz remix. More than overhauling the original, I imagine Grant simply introduced Chronic Sonata to Mad Professor in a sauna at a Swiss resort. They then described what they were feeling about the current state of the world and Phabao laid it down on a fat piece of tape. Just to put it over the top, check out the label design and see how things should be done. I like it. BJ, put ya lighters up!"

"Quality reggae & dub, includes a remix from grant phabao. You need a copy of this."

Bobby Ranchbuster/review
[Fact Magazine issue 12 (UK)]
"The reliable Bastard Jazz imprint throw up a limited release on seven-inch in the shape of a bastardised dub/downtempo child, which carries the mannerisms of one King Jammy at his peak. It's got a tough roots edginess compounded by well placed vocal snippets, lump hammer bass and plenty of echo, delay and reverb. A solid release that'd sound as at home on your hi-fi as on a 10k rig, benefiting from a nice, loud pressing."

Groove Distribution/review
"Hot BASTARD JAZZ 7" from CHRONIC SONATA. "EVERYDAY" explores rough and rugged dub/downtempo with live drums, a healthy heap of delay, swirling guitar and a deep bassline. On the flip GRANT PHABAO of TIMEC builds "EVERYDAY" in to a BASIC CHANNEL/RHYTHM & SOUND style dub assault. Wicked."

"I like it here... some nice soundz :"
"Yeah man... i luv this... original vibes"
"Great track! excellent production... Respects."
"Real Nice production, blessed tune. Big respect"
"Top track, great sounds and skills, enjoyed - Respect"
"Dubbed in to a 5th dimension."
"Fantastic!!!dis ya tune so wicked."
"Wicked Wicked Wicked! Inspirational vibes, setting the standard. Lovely production and nice nice atmosphere. Respect"
"!!!!!!!SUPERB!!!!!!! absolute KILLA!!! Sounds excellent in my phones!! Respex"
"Yeah this is a BOOOOM TUNE - one for the Recommended List"

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Manu Boubli, Soulist & Djouls présentent Ritmico! - le samedi 4 Mars à la Cantine du Batofar

Samedi 4 mars 2006
À la cantine du Batofar
de 22h à pas d'heure - Entrée libre

Manu Boubli (Mind records)
Soulist (What The Funk)
Djouls (Timec / Paris DJs)

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Grant Phabao Playlisted! on Heavy Mannas

heavy mannas
Heavy Mannas/Paul Gamblin
Where elements of classic jazz, funk, soul, hiphop, dub, rock steady rhythms, latin, afro-beat and brazilian grooves connect with tomorrows sound.
Listen to the show

Playlist 2006-02-08
01. Joe Mensah - Africa Is Home (Natural Self Re-Edit) [Soundway]
02. Lekan Babalola - Kabioye (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) [Lex 51]
03. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - It's A Family Affair [Mind]
04. Unknown - Walk On [Test CD-R]
05. Ramjac Feat. Natalie Gardiner - Sweetest Child Of Mine [Ramjac]
06. Studio R Feat. Mocky - Clapz [Sonar Kollektiv]
07. Pablo - The Story Of Sampling [Delic]
08. Pete Rock & CL Smooth Feat. Grover Washington Jr. - What's Next On The Menu? [Elektra]
09. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Creator (Slide To The Side Remix) [Elektra]
10. Lee McDonald - We've Only Just Begun(TM Juke Remix) [Favorite]
11. Nostalgia 77 Octet - Freedom (The Freedom Zombie Dance Part 2) [Tru Thoughts]
12. RSL - The Magic Of Spain [Players]
13. Psyco - Mr President [Mind]
14. Carlton Livingston – The Lone Ranger (A Message To You) Rudie [T.I.M.E.C]

"Version Galore"... this show takes a peak at a number of recent & new-ish covers/re-edits, it opens with some nice Afro things then I takes it down a notch with some wicked hip hop beats and rhymes before going carnaval sound system style with the outro, pleas enjoy as this is... HEAVY MANNAS.

Grant Phabao Playlisted! on Black & Blue Radio Show

Black & Blue Radio Show/Paul Gamblin
2006-02-03, Western Australia
Info available here

Tracklisting :
Emperors New Clothes - Tears Inside (Wisdom And Lies album) [Acid Jazz]
Augustus Pablo - Way Out Rockers [Jamican Recordings]
Dawn Penn - Don't You Love Me (No, No, No) [Randy's]
Carlton Livingston / The Lone Ranger - (A Message To You) Rudie [T.I.M.E.C.]
Fat Freddys Drop - Roady (Based On A True Story album) [Drop]
Nostalgia 77 Octet - Freedom (Freedom Zombie Dance Part. 2) [Tru Thoughts]
Mahuvishnu Orchestra / John McLaughlin - Planetary Citizen (Inner Worlds album) [CBS]
Massive - Unfinished Sympathy (Blue Lines album) [Wildbunch]
Massive Attack - Karmacoma (the Napoli Trip Remix) [Wildbunch]
Kid Gusto - Calling All Absentees (Heat Beats EP) [True Grooves]
Brahmasonic - Kohli Number [Compost Black]
Captain Planet - La Reina (The Gumbo Funk EP) [Via Media]
Timo Lassy - African Rumble [Ricky Tick]
Antibalas Afro Beat Orchestra - It's A Family Affair [Mind]
Lekan Babalola - Kabioye (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) [Lex 51]
Lekan Babalola - Oba Awon Oba (Afronaught Vs Misa Negra Remix) [Lex 51]
Jazzanova - The One-Tet (DJ DSL Remix) (In Between Remixed album) [Compost]
Red Astaire - We're Only BS [G.A.M.M.]
Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy (Extended Remix) (By All Means Necessary album) [Jive]
The Clash - Radio Clash - Outside Broadcast [CBS]
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Self Titled album) [WEA]
Time Zone - Wild Style [Celluloid]
Guru Feat. Bahamadia - The Architect [Chrysalis]

Mr Moo's Hippie Funk Stash

Mr Moo Hippie Funk Stash
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC094, 2006-01-30

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Frank Zappa - Hot Poop (intro)
(from 'We're Only In It For The Money', 1968)
02. Senor Soul - The Mouse
(from 'It's Your Thing' 1969 / Double Shot & Whiz - available on 'What It Is Y'all' / BGP)
03. Rasputin Stash - Hit It & Pass It
(from 'The Devil Made Me Do It' 1974 / Gemigo - reissued in 2000 / Sequel)
04. The Vibrations - The Man
(from 'The Vibrations' Lp, 1972 / Mandala)
05. Calypso Kings & The Soul Investigators - Compin' & Smokin'
(from 'Compin' & Smokin'/Damper Down Popcorn' 7inch, 1999 / Soul Fire)
06. The Coasters - Soul Pad
(from 'Soul Pad' 7inch, 1967 / Date)
07. Unknown - Party Time
(from 'Funk spectrum - Compiled by Josh Davis and Keb Darge' 1999 / BBE)
08. Organization - Smokey Feeling
(from 'Creative Sounds of the Organization' 1974 / Wirl - available on 'Trippin' 1996 / Luv'N'Haight
09. Sixto Rodriguez - Sugarman
(from 'David Holmes presents Come & Get It U Got it', 2002 / 13 Amp)
10. Willard Burton & The Pacifiers - Warm The Pot ('Til It's Good & Hot)
(from 'Warm The Pot ('Til It's Good & Hot)' 7-inch, 1976 / Money - available on 'Superfunk 2' 2001 / BGP)
11. The Politicians - Everything Good Is Bad
(from 'The Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson' 1972 / Hot Wax)

Original covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected and mixed by Mister Moo (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls, Stashboxes photos by Mister Moo

Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.4

grant phabao and djouls are molesting laura vol 4
Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.4
(MP3 Podcast on ParisDJs.com) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC093, 2006-01-18

Info :
"Are Molesting Laura Vol.4", et oui, déjà le quatrième volume des aventures de Grant Phabao & Djouls dans les contrées des musiques étranges, des reprises improbables, des bootlegs virtuels et des remixes inédits! Après un premier volume disponible uniquement sur le p2p, avec un surprenant bootleg de Roots Manuva et Serge Gainsbourg, un second volume diffusé sur Radio Latina en forme de sélection de tracks latino-délirants, un troisième volume proposé céans et son imparable bootleg de Grand Master Flash vs Mel Brooks (avec des bouts de Beastie Boys dedans), voici un numéro quatre des plus croustillants, avec trois bootlegs triés sur le volet d'une production en pleine explosion sur toute la surface du globe (pour le plus grand bonheur des DJs).
L'entrée est signée d'un parisien officiant sous le pseudo de Dopplebanger, c'est un bootleg immédiat et fort bien ciselé du tout récent "Can I Have It Like That" de Pharrell (N.E.R.D./Neptunes) avec le "Can I Kick It?" d'A Tribe Called Quest de 1994. Le ton est donné. S'ensuivent une série de reprises et de remixes bigrement tarés, sacrément culottés et fichtrement funky (et triple salto-inversement), pour finir sur deux bootlegs de choix, un "classico" pour commencer, opposant le tube crossover "Loaded" de Primal Scream au "Play On" de Rae & Christian featuring The Jungle Brothers, extrait de leur premier album, et enfin un tout nouveau bootleg, tout exclusif, rien que pour vous, qu'est-ce qu'on est gentils quand même, faisant s'affronter sans vergogne le "Why Me" de Kinny & Horne au "Chase The Devil" de Max Romeo. Pour la petite histoire le Horne de Kinny & Horne est bien le Espen Horne que l'on trouvait dans le "Are Molesting Laura Vol.3", et il s'appelait auparavant Bobby Hugues Combination (chez Stereo Deluxe) ou Bobby Hugues Experience (chez Ultimate Dillema)... (pour ceux que ça intéresse voir sa discographie).

"Are Molesting Laura Vol.4", yes, it's already the fourth volume of the adventures of Grant Phabao & Djouls in the regions of the strange music, unreal covers, bastard pop and new remixes! After a first one available only on the p2p, with a surprising bootleg of Roots Manuva and Serge Gainsbourg, a second volume diffused on Radio Latina in the form of a latin-delirious selection of tracks, a third volume to download in here with its unmissable bootleg of Grand Master Flash vs Mel Brooks (with bits of Beastie boys in it), here's a number four that'll rank among the crustiest, with three bootlegs chosen with intensive care out of an explosive outburst of creative production that comes from all over the world (for the DJs greatest pleasure).
The entry is signed by a Parisian who goes by the Dopplebanger guise, it's an extremely well crafted immediate bootleg of the just out "Can I Have It Like That" from Pharrell (N.E.R.D./Neptunes) with the "Can I Kick It?" from A Tribe Called Quest (1994). A future classic, followed by a series of covers and remixes rather crazy, sometimes mad and often funky as hell, to finally end up with two tasty bootlegs, a "classico" to begin with, opposing Primal Scream's crossover hit "Loaded" with Rae & Christian featuring The Jungle Brothers's "Play One", extracted from their first album; and for dessert a whole new bootleg, very exclusive, only for you, can you imagine how nice we are, clashing without an ounce of shame Kinny & Horne's "Why Me" with Max Romeo's "Chase The Devil". For the historians the Horne in Kinny & Horne is Espen Horne which could be found in the "Are Molesting Laura Vol.3" mix available recently on ParisDJs, he was before called himself Bobby Hugues Combination (for Stereo Deluxe records) or Bobby Hugues Experience (afor Ultimate Dillema)... (for those interested check his complete discography).

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Dopplebanger - Can I Kick It Like That
"Can I Have It Like That" by Pharrell (from "Can I Have It Like That" CD-Single, 2006, EMI)
vs "Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)" by A Tribe Called Quest (from "Oh My god" 12inch, 1994, Jive)
02. Esso Trinidad Steelband - I Want You Back
Jackson 5 cover (from "Same" LP, 1971, Warner Bros.)
03. Mooch - My Spider Walks Again
Mooch is an alias for a famous Tru Thoughts artist... Spot the sample! (from "My Spider Walks Again" 7inch on Jack To Phono, 2005)
04. Unknown Schoolhouse Band - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (intro)
Iron Butterfly cover
(from "Schoolhouse Funk II" compilation, 2005, Cali-Tex)
05. The Bamboos - Tighten Up
Archie Bell & The Drells cover (from "Tighten Up" 7inch, 2004, Kay Dee)
06. Dj Shortkut + Roy C. Hammond - Impeach The President
Roy C. Hammond and the Honey Drippers cover/remix (from "Impeach The Precedent" compilation, 2005, Kajmere)
07. Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation Army feat. Alice Russell
The White Stripes cover (from "The Garden" album, 2005, Tru Thoughts)
08. Tom Jones - Kung-Fu Fighting (The Moog Cookbook Remix)
Carl Douglas cover (from "Supercop" Soundtrack, 1996, Interscope)
09. Rogério Duprat - Lady Madonna (performed by Os Mutantes)
The Beatles cover (from "A Banda Tropicalista Do Duprat", 1968, Polydor)
10. Dj Nu-Mark & Pomo - Melody Remix (Dirty) feat. MF Doom
(from "Blendcrafters" 12inch, 2004, Up Above)
11. Delgazeebo - Playloaded
Primal Scream "Loaded" (from "Screamadelica" album, Creation, 1991)
vs Rae & Christian (feat The Jungle Brothers) "Play On" (from "Northern Sulphuric Soul" album, 1998, Grand Central)
12. Molesting Laura - Why Me Chase
Kinny & Horne "Why Me (A Capella)" (from "Us On Fire" 12inch, 2005, Tru Thoughts)
vs Max Romeo "Chase The Devil (instr)" (from 7inch, 1976, Charmax Music)

Original Covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected by Djouls, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork from Max Romeo - War Inna Babylon + Kinny & Horne - Forgetting To Remember

Captain Détendu & Djouls - Doin' The Merry

captain detendu and djouls doin the merry
Captain Détendu & Djouls - Doin' The Merry
(MP3 Podcast on www.parisdjs.com) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC092, 2005-12-23

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Hint - Silent Night
(from 'Silent Night - An Alternative Soundtrack For Xmas' 2002 / Tritone)
02. Capitol Studio Orchestra - Cha Cha All The Way
(from 'Christmas Cocktails' 1996 / Capitol)
03. TIMEC featuring Mister K & The Fabulous - Django Bells
( from (Noëlectro!' 2005 / TIMEC)
04. King Kooba - O Christmas Tree
(from 'hOMe for the Holidays' 2003 / OM)
05. Jacob Miller - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
(from 'Natty Christmas' 1978 / Top Ranking)
06. The Soul saints Orch. - Santa's Got A Bag Of SOul
(from 'Santa's Got A Bag Of Soul' (7") 1994 / Hotpie & Candy)
07. Big John Greer - We Wanna See Santa Claus Do The Mambo
(from 'Wait Until After Christmas' (7") 1954 / Groove/RCA)
08. T.I.M.E.C. featuring Los Lobes - Mambo Sapin
( from (Noëlectro!' 2005 / TIMEC)
09. Don Ho - Hawaïan Christmas
(from 'The Don Ho Christmas Album' 1967 / Reprise)
10. Rotary Connection - Peace At Last
(from 'Peace' 1968 / Cadet/Concept)
11. Milly & Silly - Getting Down For Xmas (instrumental)
(from 'Funk spectrum - Compiled by Josh Davis and Keb Darge' 1999 / BBE)
12. T.I.M.E.C. featuring Dj Guarana & Tino Rosso - Doin' The Merry
( from (Noëlectro!' 2005 / TIMEC)

Original covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected by Captain Détendu & Djouls, mixed by Djouls (T.I.M.E.C.)
Photo by E. Cohen, artwork by Djouls

TIMEC Playlisted! on Nanny Tango Radio for Xmas

nanny tango
Nanny Tango Radio
Sat, 17 Dec 2005 - 8 Til 9PM
On air (UK) via Blast 1386 (Reading area) / On Digital TV: Sky 913 (Weekends)
Podcast (Global) via feeds.feedburner.com/nannytango / Online (Global) via www.blast1386.com
Info on Nanny Tango records & shows on www.nannytango.com

Special Xmas edition of Nanny Tango Records weekly dose of jazz, electronica, soundtracks, folk, blues and world grooves.
This week: Nanny Tango's first ever podcast! A festive recap of some of the amazing music we've received & supported in 2005. Plus a few seasonal ditties? sorry, no Aled Jones but lashings of future soul, jazz, electro, folk and much more... ding dong!
Weekly playlist sent to over 2000 listeners, journos, labels & producers worldwide.

Tracklisting :
Bryan Corbett - Pressure Valve [Woodland]
Nathan Fake - Silent Night [Border Community]
Johnny Hawksworth - Roobarb & Custard (Jazz Moog Jam) [DVD Bonus feature!]
Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle [Record Makers]
Bidgie Reef & The GAs - Cockney Alchemy (Trouble & Strife Remix) [X111/Nanny Tango CDR]
Bryan Corbett - Deja Vu [Woodland]
One Self - Bluebird [Ninja Tune]
Roger Robinson - Nicola's Song [Altered Vibes]
TIMEC feat. Myster K & The Fabulous - Django Bells [TIMEC]
Hanne Hukkleberg - Words & A Piece Of Paper [The Leaf Label]
Muddy Waters - I Just Wanna Make Love To You [Chess]
Nine Horses - The Day Earth Stole Heaven [Samadhisound]
Psyco - Mister President [MIND]
Suicide Sports Club - Looks Liek A Star [B_Rock]
L'Altra - Mail Bomb [Hefty]
L'Altra - There Is No [Hefty]
TIMEC feat. Los Lobes - Mambo Sapin [TIMEC]

Ark en live à Perpignan

Electro Riffifi IV - Ark en live à Perpignan

Electro Riffifi IV
Vendredi 16 décembre 2005

JeSaisPas Orchestra - Déconne, Déconne et Bonne Humeur Vol.1

grant phabao and djouls deconne et bonne humeur
JeSaisPas Orchestra - Déconne, Déconne et Bonne Humeur Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC086, 2005-12-12

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Steve Martin - Intro
(from 'Let's Get Small' 1977 / Warner Bros)
02. Ugly Duckling - Opening Act
(from 'Taste The Secret' 2004 / Emperor Norton)
03. The Monty Python - Sit On My Face
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
04. Flevans - Go get The Big Horn
(from 'When Shapes Join Together 3' 2002 / Tru Thoughts)
05. Monty Python - Extract
(from 'Monty Python's Previous Record' 1972 / Charisma)
06. Parliament - My Automobile
(from 'Osmium' 1970 / Invictus)
07. Freakwincey - I Farted
(from 'I Farted' 1997 / Rephlex)
08. The Monty Python - I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
09. Luke Vibert / BJ Cole - Swing Lite - Alright
(from 'Stop The Panic' 2000 / Cooking Vinyl)
10. The Monty Python - I Like Chinese
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
11. Benny Hill - Gather In The Mushrooms (intro)
(from 'Gather In The Mushrooms' 7" 1961 / Pye)
12. Blowfly - The First Black President
(from 'Fresh Juice' 1983 / Oops! Records)
13. The Ju Ju Orchestra - Kind Of Latin Rhythm
(from 'Brazilectro - Latin Flavoured Club Tunes Session 7' 2005 / Audiopharm)
14. Dj Guarana - Ma Che Mambo!
(from 'Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba' 2005 / T.I.M.E.C.)

Original covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected and mixed by the JeSaisPas Orchestra (TIMEC)
Artwork by Fourmy & Djouls (parody of "Life Of Brian")

Professor Oz - Chill Out-zone

Professor Oz Chill Out Zone
Professor Oz - Chill Out-zone
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC089, 2005-12-05

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Christian Zimmerman - Diary Of A Lost Girl
(from 'Diary Of A Lost Girl' 12", Giant45 Records, UK, 1999)
(also available on 'Various - Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 6" CD/3xLP, Compost Records, 1999)
02. Stargazer - Deeper (Ewan Pearson's Ping Pong Mix)
(from 'Deeper' 12", Ideal Records, UK, 2001)
03. Bug orchestra - Uncontrolled Voltage
(from 'Electro Shop' CD, Raygun Records, US, 2002)
04. Zeke Schöön - Certain Tune (Jol Remix)
(from 'Certain Tune' 12", Dot Records, Sweden, 2000)
05. Being With You - Being With U
(no info)
06. Romuald - A Strange Light In Your Eye
(from 'Various - Kitsuné Love' CD, Kitsuné Music, France, 2002)

Original covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected and mixed by Professor Oz (T.I.M.E.C.)
Photo by Laurent Askienazy. Layout by Djouls
Web : www.professoroz.com

Gregsky en concert au Triptyque

Gregsky en concert au Triptyque

Venez fêter avec nous la sortie du nouvel album de Gregsky "Villa Mystique"
Vendredi 2 décembre 2005 à 20h30 au Triptyque
142 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris

Votre power trio et leur PulseMusic en route vers de nouvelles aventures scèniques...

Soul Stereo w/ operator Grant Phabao - This Is Reggae Soul

soul stereo this is reggae soul
Soul Stereo - This Is Reggae Soul
(MP3 Podcast) Soul Stereo/T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC088, 2005

Download Podcast : parisdjs.com

Tracklisting :
01. Lloyd Robinson And The Broncos - Regal Reggay
(1969 / Concert Artistes - BB Prod)
02. The Mohawks - The Champ
(1969 / Pama Record)
03. Byron Lee And The Dragonnaires - The Record
(Vocal by Ken Lazarus, 1966 / Soul)
04. Sound Dimension - Struggler
(1968 / C. Dodd - Studio One)
05. Sound Dimension - Funky
(1969 / C. Dodd - Studio One)
06. Unknown female singer - Unknown title
(prod Bunny Lee / Gas)
07. Unknown artist - First Sight
(instru, prod Bunny Lee, 1970 / Blank Label)
08. Freddie McKay?? - Free Man
(prod C. Dodd, 1970? / Blank Studio One)
09. Unknown artist - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
10. Al Brown - Here I Am Baby
(Dickie-Wong prod, 1973 / Tit For Tat)
11. Lloyd Parks - Kung Fu Fighting
(prod Lloyd Parks, 1973 / Parks)
12. Ken Boothe - Speak Sotfly Love
(1974 / Star Apple)

Original covers :
Available on parisdjs.com!

Info :
Selected by Fatta (Soul Stereo Sound System)
Operator : Grant Phabao

Lone Ranger au Portugal (en mp3)

Lone Ranger au Portugal? Oui, mais en mp3...

Je cite :
"Sacou o nome de um heroi solitário, Lone Ranger, a um western de TV Anthony Waldron apareceu em Kinsgton, depois de ter vivido muitos anos em Inglaterra . Já na ressaca do rocksteady, Lone Ranger abraçou o Studio One e lá gravou e produziu a maior parte dos singles. No entanto, cedo se fartou e começou o tal "toasting" que o caracterizou até hoje. A título de exemplo, esta faixa, um original de Slim Smith's com o nome de "Rougher Yet" foi [re]batizada por Lone Ranger como "Love Bump" e vendeu mais que o próprio original. Seguiram-se exemplos destes vezes sem conta e foi votado como o melhor SoundSytem de 1980. O segredo e a originalidade de Waldron estava no uso de efeitos sonoros pouco usuais, como poderão ouvir nesta faixa. ("oink"; "bim", "ribbits") Lone Ranger é estilo, humor e pura classe."

Bruno Casties & André Jorro en concert au 49

Bruno Casties & André Jorro en concert au 49

Venez swinguer au 49
Mardi 15 novembre 2005 - à partir 18h30
49, Bld de Clichy - 75009 Paris

Duo guitares jazz, swing manouche, bossa...