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Biography Lone Ranger

the lone ranger
The Lone Ranger - Biography
From "Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga" (Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

"Before Yellowman rose to dominate the early 1980s, the way was paved by the arguably more talented Lone Ranger (b. Anthony Waldron), who - along with Welton Irie, Ranking Joe, Nigger Kojak, Mikey Dread, Clint Eastwood and Ranking Toyan - negotiated the shift from the 'cultural' chants of the mid-1970s, as exemplified by Big Youth, to pure 1980s dancehall chat.

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The Lone Ranger - Discography - Singles

The Lone Ranger - Discography - Singles

1977 Lone Ranger - The Answer (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1977 Lone Ranger - Screw Gone A North Coast (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1977 Lone Ranger - Natty Chalwa (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1977 Lone Ranger - Life In The Arena (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1977 Lone Ranger - Obiah Man Style (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1977 Lone Ranger & Welton Irie - Chase Them Crazy (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd)
1978 Lone Ranger - The Big Match (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1978 Lone Ranger - Three Mile Skank (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1978 Lone Ranger - Natty Dread A The Foreigner (Studio One)
1978 Welton Irie & Lone Ranger - The Big Fight (Cord)
1978 Freddie & Brentford Rockers w/ Lone Ranger - When I'm Ready (Heartbeat)
1978 Junior Screw & Lone Ranger - Screw Gone A North Coast (Studio One)
1979 Lone Ranger - Monkey Sue (Secret Agent, produced by L. Daley) JA
1979 Lone Ranger - Barnabas Collins (Thrillseekers/GG's Hit, produced by C. & L. Synmoie) JA (Island) UK
1979 Lone Ranger - Sergent Brown (Germain, produced by D. Germain)
1979 Lone Ranger - Sew Mr. Tailor Man (Germain, produced by D. Germain)
1980 Lone Ranger - Fist To Fist Done (Channel One, produced by J. Hookim) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Fort X (GG's, produced by A. Ranglin) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Jamaican Weed (Thrillseekers, produced by E Synmoie) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Keep On Coming A The Dance (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Labour Ward (Absissa) 80 JA (original)
1980 Lone Ranger - Labour Ward (Busy, produced by C. Jarrett/Lone Ranger) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Love Bump (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1980 Lone Ranger - Some A Halla Soam A Bawl (Black Stock)
1980 Lone Ranger - Tribal War (Spider Man, produced by L. Campbell)
1980 Lone Ranger - Virgin Mary (Crystal, produced by D. Harriott)
1980 Lone Ranger & Duddley Sibley - Can't Take The Storm (Black Skin)
1980 Lone Ranger - Annie Palmer (Thrillseekers)
1980 Lone Ranger - Sky Juice (Hitbound)
1980 Lone Ranger - World War One
1980 Lone Ranger - Moses (Ead, Produced by Carlton Patterson and mixed by King Tubby) Canada (riddim = weatherman skank)
1980 Meditations & Lone ranger - Penny For Your Song (LS Records)
1981 Lone Ranger - Collie Dub (Techniques, produced by W. Riley) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - Dancehall Style (Techniques, produced by W. Riley) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - Don't Mess With The Dread (Power House, produced by C. Jarrett/Lone Ranger) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - Jamaican Colley (GG's, produced by A. Ranglin) UK
1981 Lone Ranger - Johnny Make You Bad So (Dynamite, produced by C. Jarrett) JA (Greensleeves 1982) UK
1981 Lone Ranger - Lovelorn (Power House, produced by C. Jarrett/Lone Ranger) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - M 16 (Hit Bound, produced by J. Hookim) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - Rosemarie (Techniques, produced by W. Riley) JA (Black Joy) UK
1981 Lone Ranger - Tribute To Marley (Studio One, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1981 Lone Ranger - Trod Along (Black Solidarity, produced by O. Thomas)
1981 Lone Ranger - Judge Not (Techniques) (written in 1979 in France)
1981 Lone Ranger - Step Inna Africa (Thrillseekers)
1981 Madoo & Lone Ranger - Hands In The Air / African Land - Land Of Rockers
1981 Horace Ferguson/Lone Ranger - Children Of Today (GG's Hit, produced by A. Ranglin)
1982 Lone Ranger - Burial (Hit Bound, produced by J. Hookim) JA
1982 Lone Ranger - Coconut Woman (Love People) JA
1982 Lone Ranger - Style & Fashion (Techniques)
1983 Lone Ranger - Learn To Drive (Bebo's, produced by B. Phillips) JA
1983 Lone Ranger - Reasons (Bebo's, produced by B. Phillips) JA
1983 Lone Ranger - Still Big Bout You (Bebo's, produced by B. Phillips) JA
1983 Carlton Livingston & Lone Ranger - Stand By Me (Bebo's)
1983 Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston - Walk With Love (Bebo's)
1984 Lone Ranger & Lee Van Cleef - Parafanatic (Satta Rock)
1985 Lone Ranger - No Call Me Crakie (Studio One/Ras, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1985 Lone Ranger - Four Season Lover / Don't Give You Man Bun (Silver Bullet)
1985 Lone Ranger - Ganja Man / Carlton Livingston - Finder's Keepers (Satta Rock)
1986 Lone Ranger - Run Out A Boops (Ras, produced by C. Dodd) JA
1986 Lone Ranger & Maureen - Can't Love You Enough (Studio One)
1998 Lone Ranger - Now The Gate (Studio One)
2003 Serge Gainsbourg - Aux Armes Et Caetera - Versions Dj (LP)
includes Lone Ranger - Settle The Vibes (Eau Et Gaz À Tous Les Étages)
2003 Serge Gainsbourg - Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Étoiles - Versions Dj (LP)
includes Lone Ranger - Rub A Dub International (Toi Mourir)

The Best Of 2003


Cyro Baptista
The Clinton Administration
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Garage A Trois
Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet
Stark Reality
Sun Ra
Jimi Tenor
Vida Blue

Amp Fiddler
Four Tet
Jaga Jazzist
Kactus Hunters
Lisa Carbon
Pepe Deluxé
Red Snapper
Luke Vibert

Asheru & Blue Black
Dj Format
Kid Koala
People Under The Stairs
Dudley Perkins
Soul Position
Ugly Duckling

Daevid Allen's University Of Errors
Jeff Buckley
Mike Gordon
Gov't Mule
Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band
String Cheese Incident
Super Numeri
Keller Williams

Cedric Im Brooks
The Congos
Burnt Friedman
Jackie Mittoo
Rhythm & Sound
Senor Coconut
Up Bustle & Out
Arthur Verocai

Bay Area Funk
The Document II
Ghana Soundz
Inner City Sounds
Miami Sound
Midwest Funk
Music To Watch Girls Cry
Steinski's Burning Out Of Control
Studio One Story &/ Studio One Muzik City

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Professor Oz - The Private Files

PROFESSOR OZ the private files
Professor Oz
The Private Files
(promo CD) TIMEC076, 2003-12

01 Waves & Sun (live) | Download MP3
02 Still Alive
03 No I | Download Movie

"Still Alive", petite bombe electro-boom funk, gorgée de Soul, for hardcore beat lovers, sera-t-elle disponible sur le deuxième album du Professor Oz?

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Various - So Djouls So Funky vol.1 & 2

so djouls so funky vol 1 and 2
So Djouls So Funky vol.1 & 2 (selected & mixed by Djouls)
(2xCD promo TIMEC054, 2003-12)

Tracklisting CD1
01. Maurice Pop - Air clipper
02. Double Dee + Steinski - Jazz
03. Jimi Tenor - Good day
04. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (acid edit)
05. Mr Scruff with Quantic - It's dancing time
06. Ark - Sweet chat riot (Isolée remix)
07. Lightning Head - Superfunky bird
08. Quantic - Blackstone rock
09. Midisport - Midisport (fairness)
10. Peace Orchestra - Double drums (Dj DSL remix)
11. Dzihan & Kamien - Stiff jazz
12. Jollymusic feat. Erlend Oye - Talco uno
13. Amon Tobin - Verbal
14. Wilf Edwards - Let's go
15. Red Snapper - Heavy petting
16. Ushi Moser - Love je t'aime l'amour
17. The Roger Tubesound Ensemble - Roger's back
18. Pest - Chicken Spit
19. Hint - You little trooper
20. Georges Toperino - Electronics 4
21. Mushroom - Pusherman

Tracklisting CD2
01. People Under The Stairs - O.S.T.
02. Baldwin - Solobe good
03. Midisport - Florianopoly (phony)
04. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Casino
05. Quantic - Transatlantic
06. Cut Chemist - Lesson 6 : the lecture (original unedited)
07. Palace Of Pleasure - Eastbound
08. The Toys - Smoke two joints
09. J-Rawls - What youy want is?
10. Quantic - Not so blue
11. Air - Radio#1 (Rumbamambochacha remix)
12. Jollymusic - Radio jolly (extended)
13. 3580 - No need to run (35 mix)
14. Quantic - Life in the rain
15. Eddie & The Eggs - Me & my watermelon
16. Ruisort - And I love her
17. Yo La Tengo - Nuclear war

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Biographie Djouls

Djouls - Stupid breaks

"Djouls... comme le Dj?". "Non... comme le site web, Djouls.com!!". La blague commence à être éculée...
Djouls, fondateur de T.I.M.E.C., a bien failli laisser le groupe et le label sur la touche lorsqu'il part faire le pitre chez Universal Music en 2000 (en tant que directeur artistique virtuel avec balanceleson.com), juste après avoir achevé le site du Professor Oz. Heureusement, la major française n'aura pas su le garder sous sa coupe et il revient en 2002 retrouver ses farfelus préférés pour réaliser le site de Ark, celui de Grant Phabao, lancer Saounds.com, un guide de téléchargement de mp3 subversif, Timec.net, le site du label et du collectif du même nom, Havanito.com un guide d'achat de compilations opiniâtre, et enfin superviser la réalisation des trois premiers albums de T.I.M.E.C. (le groupe) et collaborer à ceux de Popsanova, Captain Détendu et Grant Phabao! Mais où trouve-t-il le temps de produire ces Stupid Stupid Breaks, Dimomomo, I Used To Smoke, Lemoncurry et autres Dans les bras de Tony (qu'il diffuse allègrement en mp3), tout en participant à des groupes aussi absurdes que le JeSaisPas Orchestra, Molesting Laura ou The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons??? Vivement l'album solo: ca devrait être finement débile...

The Cheesewursts - Floating

the cheesewursts floating
The Cheesewursts
(promo CD) TIMEC073, 2003-11

Tracklisting :
A1 Flutalo 5:24 | Extr. MP3
A2 Interfloat 3:18 | Extr. MP3
B1 Floatishan 7:04

Ooh yeah! This deep collection of ambient grooves will make you feel like you're up there in outer space. Moody, mesmerizing, magic, very very deep and a bit dub on the side... This EP is an unmissable selection of extreme chill-out grooves!!!

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Myster K official website

Myster K
Myster K

Pour tout savoir sur Myster K et le Bruno Casties Trio:

JeSaisPas Orchestra - The name is Djouls / Melo

JeSaisPas Orchestra - "The name is Djouls" / "Melo"

"Le JeSaisPas Orchestra hésite beaucoup: hip hop, latino, expérimental, jazz, pop, accidents de circulation, grand orchestre pas symphonique, ogre de barbarie, mauvaise foi accablante ("you're really gonna dig it, it's really groovy"), triple loopings de samples... mais le JeSaisPas Orchestra sait parfaitement quel site internet il préfère ("the name is djouls"). Le JSPO épprouve par ailleurs une certaine mélancolie pour les mélomanes qui ne savent plus quoi choisir eux non plus dans la jungle des nouvelles tendances qui se renouvellent chaque jour de façon exponentielle".
(NDLR: nous avons reçu ce fax obscur de la part de l'association Friends of the JSPO qui reste seule responsable de propos rapportés ci-dessus)

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Biographie The Great Flying Zampano

The Great Flying Zampano
Flying beats

The Great Flying Zampano : all instruments
Grant Phabao : production

Djouls.com sur Ninjatune.net

ninja tune
Vu sur la home de Ninjatune.net

"Parlez-Vous Français ?
Well if you do and you dig Kid Koala then get over to DJOULS.COM and check out the wicked feature on the man. Shame most of us here at Ninja can't read it but we are assured it's very good."

-> Voir l'article sur le site de Ninja Tune

Kactus Hunters official website

kactus hunters
Kactus hunters

Doctor L. & Niktus (F.F.F.) : acid & electronic mixtures. FRA

Pour tout savoir sur le groupe Kactus Hunters:

Various - Chilled & Hip Beats & Jams vol.1

chilled and hip beats and jams vol 1
Chilled & Hip Beats & Jams vol.1 (selected & mixed by Djouls)
(CD promo TIMEC053, 2003-10)

01. Dj Shadow - Six days
02. El Stew - Dim slim
03. Travis Briggs - Tibetian serenity
04. Scratch - Breath of fresh air
05. Ugly Duckling - Another samba
06. Lootpack - Answers
07. J-Live - Satisfied dub
08. Fat Jon - Feel the void
09. Aesop Rock - Daylight
10. Gonzales - Shameless eyes
11. Seelenluft - Manilla
12. J-Walk - French letter
13. People Under The Stairs - Montego slay
14. Rjd2 - Smoke & mirrors
15. J-Rawls - Blue#2 (sax reprise)
16. Lone Catalysts - Renaissance
17. The Herbaliser - Something Wicked (Bossa radio edit)
18. Earl Zinger - On my way home

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Drugs - The Man (The Mighty Blunts Remix)

drugs the man remix
A Prescription for Mis America (Remixes)
(unreleased) Kraked, incl. Mighty Blunts remix, 2003-09

Includes The Mighty Blunts remix of The Man, produced by Grant Phabao

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