Ach Dennis (Damien Lennon) : Guitare, basse, boîte infernale, bruits en tous genres.
Ach Wobert (Jerome Tagher) : Guitare, basse, boîte infernale, bruits en tous genres.
Ach Wubba (Tanya Combe) : Peinture de paix et de guerre, couleurs en tous genres, lumières, diapos, bougies, conseil en déguisements ethniques.
Peter Saliva (Pierre Salivas) : Flûte
Ian Salty Coat (Yann Coatsaliou) : Guitare, percussions
Ach Thomaspierre : Peinture

Frank Zappa, Fela, Robert Wyatt, Ween, Gong, Phish, Primus, Captain Beefheart, Bootsy Collins, Tom Waits, Magma, The Who, Kraftwerk, The Beach Boys, The Beastie Boys, The Spice Girls. Paddy Whiskey, The Simpsons, Billy Connolly, Hunter S. Thompson, Picasso, Bovril, HP Sauce, Jelly, Sesame Street, The Big Lebowski, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Prisonner, la lutte armée contre la fonction publique.

ach baby hard of sight and vestimentally challenged
Ach! Baby - Hard Of Sight & Vestimentally Challenged

"Youpi!", comme on dit. Voici très plein des quelques explications relatives à des questions aussi diverses que "Mais c'est quoi 'Ach! Baby'?", "Pourquoi Ach! Baby?, "Qui?" ou "Cela a-t-il quelque chose à voir avec Gérard Depardieu?". En attendant, voici quelques réponses (à d'autres questions que nous vous laissons tout loisir de trouver) : "Oui.", "Non.", "Gérard Depardieu", "Bleu".

Who is Irene? Why does she work at Dunlop and Blythe's? Who invented the Nilfisk 90? Was it the same man who invented R2D2? Which one has better suction? What is their relevance to our lives today? Was there really a little man inside the Nilfisk doing all the work? Could that be considered as exploitation? Do you care? We don't, we just like asking questions. But who are we? We are the silly side of you. We are the – caught you with your fingers up your nose – plus accompanying grimace – side of you, behind the closed doors that even you don't know. We are the people who invent plungers and bidets. The people who play with sawdust and sort it into even little piles when finished . We are the things you keep in pockets you don't want others to know about. We have thought about the yo-yo.

Why are we here? We are here to help you, to help you live & invent, and if at all possible, to make tons of cash. But you don't want to know about the cash part... What shape are we? Well, let's just say we're spiral and we bounce. Have you guessed it ye? If you have you are not a well person.

But how can we change your lives? Well, quite simply, we can't, but you can. And there's a clever thing to say. So, enough vague nonsense. Let's get down to some more specific nonsense :

Lesson no. 1 : Everything has a blemish, so live with it.

Lesson no.2 : Truth is an ideal that rhymes with tooth, and they both must be painfully extracted.

Lesson no.3 : A man's god and his dog are exactly the same thing, a hairy tale wagging entity that takes up a lot of time and effort. So you have one or you don't.

Lesson no.4 : Golf is an anagram of flog. Get the message?