Grant Phabao Remixed and Remixes
Grant Phabao
Remixed And Remixes

(Limited edition promotional CDR, 30 copies) T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC107, 2006-06-15

Tracklisting :
01. Grant Phabao feat. The Lone Ranger - Ethiopia (Jon Kennedy Dub)*
02. Jon Kennedy - We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix)*
03. The Mackrosoft - The Immortality Project (Grant Phabao Remix)*
04. Chronic Sonata - Everyday (Grant Phabao Extended Remix)**
05. Professor Oz - Waves & Skunk (Grant Phabao Remix)***
06. K&H vs LP - Why Chase Me? (ML Mix)*
07. RM vs SG - Requiem For A Witness (ML Mix)*
08. Grant Phabao feat. The Lone Ranger - Fever (Mawglee Remix)*

* exclusive unreleased remix
** exclusive unreleased version
*** never released on CD

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